Speaking of Nasu sightseeing, we tend to associate the Nasu Highway where the tourist facilities lined up, pastures of the Plateau and majestic mountains, but about the journey to enjoy bicycles this is not necessarily the case.
No, rather, it is a great appeal of Nasu as a cycling area that there is an interesting country / satoyama route that makes you feel the original landscape of Nippon just beside the mountain · Takarah route that feels nature.
The building of the Taisho era also remains near JR Kuroda station, the area of ​​Ieno of the former Oshu highway town station, Ashino, the former eastern mountain road, the samurai residences’ gate design and old townscape remain in a peaceful countryside / satoyama landscape, It is also the historic area of ​​Nasu.

In addition, this area is also the place that became the course of the All-Japan Cycling Championship Road Race Nasu Games held in June 2015, and “Champ Road” with a blue line drawn on the left runs.

“Island hotel & resort Nasu” is a resort hotel for adults, built in scarce location in Nasu, surrounded by satoyama such as Kurodahara and Ashino. It is close to 3.8 km to the whole course.

Its characteristic is that it is a quiet hotel with a scenic view adjacent to a beautiful golf course, no matter what. This golf course is managed by group companies, but due to lodging facilities even slightly away there, currently Islander Hotel & Resort Nasu guests are golf customers rather rather minority.

Still, the scenery of the green golf field where the beautifully trampered grass is dazzling is still beautiful.
Beyond the golf course and the forest behind it, the majestic Nasu mountain ridge line also lies. It is a scenery full of “resort feeling” which is another bit different from the mountain area.
What a luxurious thing that this outstanding view can be watched from the terrace of every room.

The rooms of such an island hotel & resort Nasu are made to be relaxed and widely overall. If you use the prepared vertical stand, you can bring the bicycle to the guest room as it is and it will not get in the way at all. It is perfect to spend the night together while loving one of the pride.

Besides that, let’s introduce the unique “cyclist welcome” point that was originally made as a hotel in cooperation with the golf course.
First, air gun (air compressor) which is common in the clubhouse entrance of the golf course. It is that which blows off mud and turf attached to golf shoes by pneumatic pressure.
The air gun is installed beside the entrance of the island hotel & resort Nasu, where you can sprinkle “shoe” and air pressure on mud, dirt and water drops attached to the bicycle body and tire. There is no need to wipe off the hands, because they do not use dirt and do not use water. It’s easy and convenient.
The equipment for the golfer is that it can be used for cyclists so conveniently!

When bringing in a bicycle inside the hotel, you can relieve dirt and moisture firmly with an air gun etc.
Elevators heading to the guest room floor, if you stand up, you can put road bikes on the two cars.

Island hotel & resort Nasu offering not only golf but also health and beauty program including fasting etc. with the concept of “resort to reset five senses”. Equipment for that purpose is also substantial.
A large public bath with a bright view is alkaline simple hot spring hot water. I want to relax slowly and heal the tiredness of the ride.

Outside the public bathing area there is also a high-functioning massage chair and a spacious fitness space.
It is the perfect place for stretching etc after ride. It may be interesting to try trunk train training etc. using balance balls.

Outside of the bathhouse, there is also a coin-operated fully automatic washing machine. If the clothes contaminated with sweat are washed in the same day and dried in the room, it can be used cleanly the next morning.

The meal is a cozy restaurant with a view of the green from a large window.

Made by Ohirairashi chef who practiced at a 2-star restaurant in France, “Natural French can only eat at Nasu” making use of local ingredients.
It is “a dish that can be healthy from the inside of the body”, setting fresh vegetables of its own farms and contract farmers as the leading role of the material.
Besides, here is a controlled nutritionist who is always resident and will be able to respond to consultation on special menus according to purpose, so it is thoroughly done.

After eating, I would like to spend quiet adult time at the bar / lounge & library where the fire of the fireplace shakes.
It will be an endless story of the day, looking back on a fulnessful day, pleased with the body, mind and taste.