Oku Biwa Lake is said to make Lake Biwa the most beautiful figure. Imazu Sun Bridge Hotel is built facing the beautiful lakeside beach, which is close to the famous Okazu Osaki and Metasequoia lined Makino Plateau, which is famous for its cherry blossoms and leaves the hustle and bustle of the post office town.

It is a good location with good access to the main attractions of Lake Biwa Ride, and as Biwichi’s journey, it is in the best position as the first day accommodation in various cases.
For example, if you are starting a Yonehara station on a bullet train stop, counterclockwise around 60 km to Imazu Sun Bridge Hotel. Given the topography of Okubiwako’s ups and downs, you can run around the North Lake around the Lake Biwa Ohashi bridge over the night and two nights, even when you run “Full Bei Hichi” which goes to the tip of the South Lake with two nights and three days, 1 It’s just a good distance to be an accommodation for the day.
Also, if you can accomplish “full baichi” including South Lake counterclockwise starting from Lake Biwako Bridge (or Laforet Biwa Lake) in 1 day and 2 nights, Imazu Sunbridge Hotel is about half a 100 km. After all, it is a great place to stay for the first day.

Of course, not only the convenience of location.
The biggest reason why you should recommend staying at Imazu Sun Bridge Hotel is that it has special scenery that you can not see unless you stay here. It shines in Okubiwako, it is a beautiful morning glow.

In the lake-view twin room with sufficient size for the interior of calm atmosphere, you can bring your own bicycle to the room and store it by using a vertical standstand according to your wishes. (Bicycles can be brought in all western and western rooms including mantle view.) The comfortable sleeping area of Simmons beds adopted in all rooms invites a restful sleep that leaves no tiredness of Baiichi ride the next day I guess.

By placing the stand at the window, you can watch the spectacular view of Lake Biwa from the window and your car at the same time.

The Japanese-style room with 2 beds and 8 tatami mats space is ideal for villagers in families and small groups.
Here too, bicycles can be brought in the guest room, it can be stored in a spacious space.

Of course, this is also a lake view. From the window, the view of Lake Biwa, which is the best in Japan to honor a beautiful lake shore and highly transparent water.

You can also see “Chikubujima” that attracts attention as a power spot by enshrining the shrines of national treasures.
Furthermore, in the morning the sun rises from the scenery and the lake is dyed red.

Approach to the guest room from the 5th floor to the 8th floor is an elevator with large space. If you turn your bicycle vertically, you can ride three or three cars.
If there are other customers in the elevator, give way and want to be surprised by the bicycle when getting on and off.
Let’s be conscious of being told that “Cyclists are good manners” in order to make traveling easier in Japan more bicycles.

In addition, if it is troublesome to take a bicycle to the guest room on the elevator, it is easy and secure if you leave the bicycle to the staff at the front desk and store it in the office locked at night.

I want to wash the clothes that run dirty along the Lake Biwa for a whole day and are soiled by sweat, that day as well. Hand wash in a bathroom or washbasin, if you dry it in a dehydration exclusive machine that you can rent according to your wish and then dry it in the room, it will be dry by the next morning.
That way, you can start riding pleasantly with clean wear on the second day.

Imazu Sunbridge Hotel like this “Cyclist Welcome”. As well as a French valve compliant pneumatic pump, as well as a set of bicycle tools, tubes, lubricants and so on, we have all sorts of things, so it’s safe when it comes to emergency. If you need some work such as repair or adjustment, the sidewalk space beside the entrance (of course the under the roof) is designated as the work place.

After washing your body and clothes, enjoy the dinner time.
On the “Lake Edge Dining Reed Sea” facing Lake Biwa, from Omi beef and fish dishes, from the Omi beef and fish cuisine meals, to the one dish and the Western course of Lake Biwa specialties, the meal using the materials of Omi Takashima abundantly You can enjoy.

It is one of the pleasure of traveling to taste local sake made in the place while tasting a delicious dish. I’m glad that Imazu Sunbridge Hotel is preparing plentiful Omi Takashima local sake to suit local cuisine.

And morning. If you stayed in the lake view room of Imazu Sun Bridge Hotel, you surely get up before dawn and want to see the sunrise from the window. This moment’s moment will vividly color the journey of Bichuichi as more impressive memories.

Breakfast is firmly energy-charged at Biking style “Ogi Takashima Kohan’s breakfast” which got rich in local products while looking at the sparkling Oku Biwa lake.

Normal breakfast starts at 7:00 am, but if you want to leave earlier, if you book by the day before, you can prepare a snack box lunch and receive at 6:30 am. Again, is not it “a cyclist welcome” response that touched the bicameral challenger who wants to hurry ahead?