HATAGO INN Shizuoka Yoshida IC

Comfortable simple stay hotel which is close to the cyclist and is located in an easy-to-use place close to the empty gateway to Mt. Fuji area, Mt. Fuji Shizuoka Airport, as well as a bicycle journey through Old Tokaido, Hatagoin Shizuoka Yoshida Inter .
Hatagoin which is accessible from the Shimada Inn on the former Tokaido (JR Tokaido line near Shimada station) and equipped with a dedicated “bicycle room” for cyclists is a minimalist building with a lot of straight lines, which makes us feel Japanese emotions somewhere. As is reminiscent of the name “Hatago”, the design of the entrance where tree grids were arranged at equal intervals like the latticed windows of the ancient lodgings is impressive.

The cyclist of the trip went inside the building with the bicycle rolling.
And, as it is, check in at a comfortable reception where the warmth of wood and the contrast of sharp straight lines are comfortable.

If you are concerned about dirt on the tire or car body, such as after running through the rain, let’s drop the dirt first with the shower attached waterworks prepared at both ends of the building.

After checking in, take the bicycle to the elevator.

The elevator is pleasantly large enough to have enough road bike even if it is inserted (without vertically).

The passage to each room is wide, and it is safe even if you pass other users while rolling the bicycle.

This room if the cyclist takes an inn in Hatagoin. Hatagoin Shizuoka Yoshida Inter’s “bicycle room” brings a bicycle to the tile part of the interior of the room, which is located on the entrance and exit side of the room, as it is, so you can safely store your car in your room. Of course, stands are also available for road bikes.

Atmosphere inside is simple and calm atmosphere. A spacious and comfortable bed is ideal for taking a break from the tired body with a ride and preparing for tomorrow. The hanger rack that is provided for the soil part will be useful, for example, when washing clothes.

Another feature of the bicycle room is that it is not a cramped unit bus that is common in so-called business hotels, where the spacious and bright shower room and the toilet / washroom are separate rooms. The space and comfort of a size that is just right for single use are pursued. The structure where the light from the shower room falls onto the desk through the window is also interesting.

If you stay at Hatagoin Shizuoka Yoshida Inter by bicycle trip, let’s sweat the ride in a large public bath. It is a large bathtub with a large natural rock and paintings of Mt. Fuji impressive, and it is time to stretch your legs in hot water by extending the legs. It is the best moment to heal the tiredness of the ride. The amenity also feels commitment to quality, and in this respect it is a level of service that distinguishes us from general business hotels.

If you sweat the body in the public bath, we will also wash the dirty cycling clothes at the coin laundry of the state-of-the-art drum-type washing machine installed on the same floor (1st floor). It can also be dried up at once, and also has a security lock function, so it is safe to leave the place.

In Hatagoin Shizuoka Yoshida Inter, there is a free lending exhibition service called “Smart · Select”, and it is a system to bring cards of lending desired items to the reception. Of course, free lending of bicycle repair / maintenance supplies is also available.

In addition to a set of tools and a pneumatic pump, sandals for rent (Crocs etc.) are also prepared so that cleat shoes do not need to go out, it is a very pleasing consideration for a bicycle journey cyclist.

In the library & amp; lounge on the first floor, a total of 10,000 book comic books are lined up all over the wall and can be read free of charge freely.

Of course, the “wimpy pedal” is all in complete. I want to keep reading and reading carefully so that it does not echo the ride of the next day.

Buffet style breakfast can be eaten at 6:30 in the morning, thank you for the early rising cyclist. In addition to accommodating both Japanese and Western cuisine, you can also enjoy daily local menu such as Shiogama Shiara and Shizuoka Oden.

At Hatagoin Shizuoka Yoshida Interchange, we keep guests’ luggage for free at the reception, so that we can fully enjoy Shizuoka / Fuji cycling before check-in and after check-out. Let’s become easy, now let’s run today!