CWJ-AIZU/SHIRAKAWA01 Bike & Train along Aizu Rail Line

You can take your bicycle aboard the train between Nishi Aizu train station and Aizu Tajima train station on the Aizu Train Line throughout the year. Why not take a picture on the platform?

This is the sightseeing cycling route to visit many places, starting from Tsuruga Castle: the symbol of Aizu and then going south along the line of the Aizu Rail Line, which has an exotic atmosphere.
When you return, you can put your bicycle aboard the train on the Aizu Rail Line without using a Rinko Bag and get off the train at Nishi Aizuwakamatsu train station. While riding the train, you can enjoy beautiful scenery from the train window. Afterwards, you can go back to Tsuruga Castle by bicycle.
You can leave Tsuruga castle in the morning and have the famous lunch, “Negi” (spring onion) Soba in Ouchijyuku.


Distance: 44km, Elevation Gain: 859m

The start and end location is Tsuruga Castle, the symbol of Aizu. There is a paid parking lot around the castle.

Riding through the wonderful and peaceful countryside along the Aizu Railway Line.

The destination of your trip is Oouchi-juku, which retains some traces from the Edo period. There are more than 30 old style houses with thatched roofs in the deep mountains along the stream. It is 5km far from the town and it is a spectacular place.

Speaking of the food at Oouchi-juku, there is a type of soba they serve called “Negi Soba”, that you eat it with Negi as chopsticks. Why not have some Negi Soba for lunch?
說起大內-學校(大內塞)的名物,當然非用一根大蔥當筷子的蕎麥麵,俗稱大蔥蕎麥麵。在大內-學校(大內塞)附近的飲食店,小吃店都會有著讓人一想不到驚喜,午餐 一定要去體驗品嘗用一根大蔥當筷子的大蔥蕎麥麵!

If you stop by one more place, you go to “Tou no Hetsuri”, where huge stones like towers stand in a line about 100m long. When you pass along the suspension bridge, which spans the cliff, you can go into the Kigan (oddly shaped rocks) which were made via erosion many years ago.

When you return, you can bring your bicycle onto the train. Head on back and look at the incredible, rural scenery of Aizu with its beautiful deep valley.