CWJ-AIZU/SHIRAKAWA02 Bandai Dynamic Long Ride

You may forget that you are in Japan, when you see the highlights along the Bandai Azuma Skyline and the dynamic view of Jyododaira. It is worth going up the hill to see this beautiful scenery.

Starting from Fukushima station, which is a stop on the Tohoku Shinkansen Line, you go from Bandai Azuma Skyline road to Lake Line road passing Koibito Zaka, and then the goal is to get to Shiokawa station on the JR Banetsu West Line, which is a recommended mountain long ride route for the Rinko Cycle Ride.
You will be able to enjoy magnificent scenery that might not be what you expect when travelling around Japan. You can enjoy a wall of snow in spring, which is contrasted by the brightness in summer as well as a range of colors from autumn leaves.
You will pass the beautiful scenery of Jyododaira as well as Goshikinuma on the Bandai Azuma Lake Line road. Afterwards you will then head around Lake Hibara and enjoy the panoramic view of Koibito Zaka, where you can have a grandstand view of the Aizu Bonchi Basin. Finally, head to the goal, which is Shiokawa station, by going down the hill.


Distance: 107km, Elevation Gain: 2,393m

The altitude of the Fudosawa bridge across the Tsubakuro valley is about 1,200m. After you pass the bridge, the beautiful scenery will continue on toward Jyododaira. There are toilets available in front of parking lot.

As you go toward Jyododaira, the scenery will become more and more magnificent. This is a superb viewpoint, which completely opens up, giving the viewer incredible scenery.

The Bandai Azuma Skyline has fascinating views in different seasons. At the beginning of October, stained and colorful autumn leaves can show beautiful contrast with the white rocky surfaces.

Local Aizu cuisine is served for lunch at the Jyododaita Rest House on the second floor.

After you pass the Jyododaita Rest House, a sign which shows the highest point of the Bandai Azuma Skyline will appear (with an elevation of 1,622m).
This is the best point to take a photo.

With this panoramic view, you can see Aizu Basin and the straight slope of Koibito Zaka.
It is also a famous spot to watch the sunset and nightscape.