CWJ-AIZU/SHIRAKAWA03 Tadami Autumn Ride

While the beautiful mountains with their red and yellow autumn leaves are coloring, you aim for the point situated on the Tadami River, which runs along parallel to the Ina River.

Tadami town, close to the prefecture’s border with Niigata and the most remote part of Aizu, is famous for its autumn leaves that turns red and yellow in the mountains around the town. This is a cycle route where you can enjoy the autumn leaves in Tadami, as well as visit many sightseeing spots.
The starting and finishing point is Aizu Kawaguchi station on the JR Tadami line.
Because of heavy rains in 2011, there is a blockage on the Aizu Kawaguchi – Tadami section, therefore Aizu Kawaguchi station is the final stop for the train from Aizu Wakamatsu. On this route, you stop over at Tadami station, which is the departure terminal on the other side of the interrupted section of track. We pray that the lines will be restored soon. Tadami station is a tourist information center at the moment.


Distance: 91km, Elevation Gain: 1,229m

On the first half of the route, you leave the Tadami River once, and then go into the mountain. You park your bicycle at “Iyashi no Mori”, which is near the highest point and we recommend you go on a light hike on this mountain, which covered in beech trees. The hiking round trip is 1.2 km.

When you ride in the rural area along the river, you can see “Hasakake” (Hasakake is a way to bundle harvested rice plants that have been left to dry in the sun.)

From “Tagokura Dam”, you can have nice view of Tagokura lake right in front of your eyes and Tadami Lake below on the other side. Both are noted for their superb views of the autumn leaves in the mountains lined between the bodies of water.

There is “Ooshio Tennen Tansan Sui” (Ooshio Natural Sparkling Water) on the tranquil road in the mountains area going from Route 252, and it is at a point of 75km of this route. This well is an unusual thing to have because it has natural semi-sparkling water and anyone can drink it.

Before the goal, you go to viewpoint, which is 700 meters away (on the Aizu Wakamatsu side) from Aizu Kawaguchi station. Tadami River is a photogenic river, which flows gently and shows a view on the river face like a mirror. If the timing is good, you can take a photo with the trains on the Tadami Line.

After you enjoy cycling, why not bring your bicycle “Rinko Style” on the way back. You can see special scenery from the train window on the Tadami Line, which runs near the river side. (This photo was taken after a typhoon, therefore the water is muddy, but the photo on the left side (if you are viewing this webpage via a smartphone, it is on the top) is a photo of what the river is meant to look like.)