CWJ-AIZU/SHIRAKAWA04 Oku-Aizu Photogenic Ride

This is a "photogenic" photo of a local train. The "Daiichi Tadami Gawa Kyouryou" (No 1. Tadami River Bridge) viewpoint is a place where you can take a photo of the iron bridge over the Tadami river, which flows through the mountains. The Tadami Line goes over this bridge.

This is the Oku-Aizu Sightseeing Route for “Rinko” style cyclists by taking the JR Tadami Line.
You don’t have to be a railway geek to enjoy and visit the famous photogenic viewpoints along the railroad, including a place where you can take a photo of a local train with the picturesque scenery along Tadami Line.
Starting from Aizu Miyashita Station on the JR Tadami line, you arrive at the viewing area of the “Daiichi Tadami Gawa Kyouryou” (No 1 Tadami River Bridge), afterwards heading to the atmospheric town of Yanaizu and the Eryu Temple, which has the oldest “Tachiki Kannon” (Standing Tree Bodhisattva).
The goal is Aizu Bange Station on the Tadami Line.


Distance: 34km, Elevation Gain: 519m

You can enjoy peaceful and comfortable cycling when you ride along this smooth road, which is on the opposite side of the national highway and on the left-hand bank of the Tadami River.

You can enjoy the atmosphere of the forest road surrounded by Japanese cedar trees in various spots.

The town of Yanaizu is where the origin of “Akabeko” (red paper mache cow figurines from the Aizu region) is located. There are huge statues called based on these “Akabeko” around the town. In the background of the photo is Enzo Temple, which has a 1200 year history.
柳津街上、有放置著這個村代表性巨大的吉祥物「赤べこ」AKABEKO(紅色的牛在守護的雕像)。照片後方是雍有1200年歷史讓人景仰的福滿虛空藏尊 圓藏寺。

Why don’t you try “Sauce Katsudon”, a local Aizu gourmet food for lunch? “Tamago Yaki” (Fried Egg on Rice) is another dish that is prepared in a special Yanaizu style.

Speaking of confectionary at Yanaizu Town, “Awa Manju” (“Manju” is a famous confectionary in Japan that is a bun filled with sweet bean paste.) It is a simple confectionary using sweet bean paste called “Anko” covered by Awa seeds (Foxtail Millet) and “Mochi Gome” (Glutinous Rice).

After visiting Yanaizu, you travel along the left-hand bank of the Tadami River. On the fringe of a collection of small villages you can see small, but majestic Torii (Shrine Gates).