Japanese Cultural Heritage Ochiairo Murakami

Inauguration in Meiji 7, Yamaoka Tetsuobu became the godfather, Tayama flower bag, Kitahara Hakushu, and Kawabata Yasunari loved Nakaizu is a hot-spring inn in Amagi Yugashima, Ochiairo.
I heard that this innovative and innovative lodging which is also a registered tangible cultural asset of the country now welcomes the cyclists along with the literary tattoo visitors.

Ochiairo Murakami is located at the place where the Kanogawa river flows between the Motoyagawa and Cat Yoshikawa rivers that flow in the middle of the Izu peninsula.
The clear stream which I see from the inn is just changing its name to “Kano River”.
If you look upstream from the suspension bridge in the premises, you can see the two rivers “meet each other” as soon as possible.

Let’s go across the suspension bridge to the other side.

In the quaint building on the other side of the river, you can see the mountain stream of the Kano River flowing right in front of you and leave your heart in the water sound and relax. Depending on the time of day, it is nice to be able to have coffee (fee) to be burned with the fire of the burner. It is perfect for waiting for check-in while resting tired body with ride.

When opening the glass door of the main entrance, the inside is the soil. In the back of the dirt floor, the face that was hung on the decorative window of the bamboo crest is greeting guests with a smile.
The bicycle can be kept racked in this large dirt.
Actually, this entrance building is also a registered tangible cultural asset of the country.

From the moment you stepped in to the entrance, it was like a different world.
In order to better understand the charm of Ochiairo Murakami, it would be a good idea to participate in a cultural property tour tour (free) which is held from 10:00 every morning.
Seven nationally designated registrations, including 108 tatami mats with a large red sandalwood trestle as a floor pillar, handmade window glass with subtle distortion taste, elaborate carpentry work, and splendid spider webs in the dining room The tangible cultural assets are guided by the host himself. It is understood that the commitment to luxurious materials and elaborate craftsmanship are scattered around here in the building because it is difficult to notice.

In Ochiairo Murakami, you can bring your own bicycle as it is to the guest room in the building of the registered tangible cultural property, and you can spend the night while loving it with a number of craftsmen who applied in the room. For cyclists who love traveling and biking, there is nothing to be happy about.

Between this main building “Matsuichi”, a small sliding door of the apprentices’ house has been given a set of “Mt. Fuji and dried net”. It is an omnipotence of “lucky fun” as for money luck and good luck, but because the way of making it has been regarded as secret law, there are only a few craftworkers that can be made in Japan.

Besides the main building, bicycles can be brought in as well as to each room of Nakamiya ‘s “Nakundomei”.
This is between the Japanese-style room “Ukifune” of the sleepy cloud that looks at the beautiful green garden. It is impressive that the skill of a craftworker that applies more detailed work to the interior of a pair of rhomboidly assembled combs is poured in the small shoji in the back of the left hand and in the space between them.
It is interesting also in this purely Japanese room because the road bike matches surprisingly.

Unexpectedly, the bedroom of this room is also surprised by the modern atmosphere that turned around from a purely Japanese living room. The beautiful stained glass buried in the wall tells the history of this inn which watched the trend of Westernization in Japan.

After the ride which enjoyed the rich nature of Izu, I want to head to a hot spring, which is a big fun of Izu’s journey.
This is Tenryu Yagashima famous for its plentiful hot springs where “Yu” enters the place name. Moreover, expectation will increase if it becomes a hot spring inn as it is said representative, and it will be nature and quick.
First of all, we went to the outdoor bath “Tengu no yu” along the mountain stream, which is said to have visited Tengu in Tiancheng.
Relaxing while immersed in soft water while listening to the babbling of the Kano River in a spacious open feeling. I feel that the body that has been hurt by a severe ride is being healed.
All the hot springs are sourced from the source. Spring quality is a colorless transparent calcium · sodium sulfate hot spring, which is said to be good for beautiful skin and moisturizing besides recovery from fatigue etc.

Directly connected with this outdoor bath, there is also a cave bath wrapped in hot water, which makes me entertained in a mysterious atmosphere.

Ochiairo Murakami Onsen has a unique atmosphere in the inner water.
The inner bath with a relaxed size so that ten of the “modern tile public bath” can enter at the same time is mosaic tiling. With its interiors, you can enjoy a hot bath while immersing in a retro modern world in the early Showa era.

In addition, there is a large private outdoor bath that 20 people can enter. By reserving it according to the return time of the ride, you can stretch your body all the while to the spacious outdoor bath along the mountain stream without worrying about the eyes of others.

The body became clean with hot springs. So, what should we do with sweaty cycleware?
At Ochiairo Murakami, as a special service for cyclists, if you deposit to the hotel staff by 18:00 after check-in, we do the service to wash and clean the dirty cycleware and return it to the room the next morning . If you wish to use it early in the morning the next morning, you can receive the clothes up until the laundry and dehydration in that day and dry it in the room. Both are free.

Dinner is a special meal cuisine for the month, making use of seasonal ingredients. A total of 9 to 10 items from the first to the dessert, the warmth is warm, the cold one is cold, one item is served according to the pace of the person who eats. The making using the fish of Izu purchased in the morning, of course, is a book wasabi from Amagi purchased directly from wasabi farmers.

Breakfast is also one of the pleasures in the hotel. Even people who do not eat breakfast very much in their daily life, they will become vigorous from the morning in wonderland and in the morning in a lodging trip.
A well-established Ochiairo Murakami breakfast is served with seasonal ingredients in a bamboo basket and has plenty of volume.
For breakfast made by experienced craftsmen who can not usually taste pretty well, we got relaxed and energy charge is perfect for the Izu peninsula ride after this.

In addition, Ochiairo Murakami provides “One juice three meal lunch”, which combines “fermented brown rice” and “koji ingredients”, which makes it easy to enjoy healthy foods that can also be called the origin of Japanese food with lunch. It is a welcome for guests as well as for lunch alone, so it is recommended for ladies, especially for lunch spots when enjoying cycling in Nakaizu.