If you are looking at the most beautiful evening scenery in Lake Biwa while enjoying Binichi, it can be said that taking a lodging in Koyaibi, one of the onsen Onsen hot spring in front of Takeyoshima on the east coast of Lake Biwa, is a fossil stone.
Sunset in Nagahama-shi, Shiga prefecture with Arai is also selected as “100 sunsets in Japan”. With Takefushi island floating off the coast, the reeds spread to the shallow lake surface, and the scenic landscapes that waterfowls playing on the lake surface dotted with floating islands are marbled in sunset is the best as the end of the day ride I will.

There are around 160 species of waterfowl, including the natural monument, the coffee swan, which comes from Siberia, the birds of Shiga prefecture, and others. For that reason, about 2.5 km on the shore is maintained as a waterfowl park, facilities such as a wild bird center (2 stories observation facility), observation cabin, observation street etc. are prepared. If you stop the bicycle on the lake shore cycling road and see the lake surface, you can easily enjoy bird watching by the immediate side.

As a journey to Biwaichi, if you aim for the North Lake (about 150 kilometers) avoiding the hard lucky south lake in the counterclockwise direction around the Lake Biwa Ohashi bridge (Laforet Biwa Lake etc), the sweet aroma of about 65 km point is a day It is in the best position as an accommodation place for the eyes.
Looking forward to the sunset view from the outdoor bath, we aim to arrive early. If you can afford it, it would be a good idea to leave the lake shore on the way and take a long way to enjoy the atmosphere of Omihachiman’s old townscape.
A scarlet swim that is located on the course at that point just as the Biwaich cycling course changes from a shape running on the lake shore autogrole that has been long on the east side of the lake to a form that runs on the roadway. From this point onwards, I will run the roadway for a while, and the mountain path of Okuwabi lake including the up and down which is the only one in Biwa Lake is waiting. On the first day, it would be a good idea to take a rest slowly while enjoying the sunset here and leave early next morning.

If you pass through the entrance of the honorable Red Ayu, you will be struck by the majestic warlords’ greetings and feel to the world of the Sengoku. (The tailmer is different depending on the season.

I want to stay at a hot spring inn, and if I take a bicycle in the middle of a baiichi, I think that it is difficult.
However, in “Ryokan Ryokan Aryu” which is a “cyclist welcome”, such worries are useless.
The bicycle of the guest can be stored in the flooring space on the window side of the first floor meal restaurant using a dedicated stand. An important car of your own thoughts. When going up from the entrance and carrying it in the hall, carry it yourself (carry a light motorbike at this time) carefully. Also, I want to keep locking firmly at my own risk.

Let’s have a welcome drink slowly while looking at the quiet lake side from the large window in the lobby first.

The rooms of the red sweets are glad because it is said that all the rooms face the beautiful Lake Biwa, and all rooms have hot spring outdoor baths and large massage chairs.

Leave yourself in a high-functioning massage chair that has achieved amazing evolution in recent years, looking at Takeyoshima floating on the lake, a blissful moment in memories of the ride. In the offing, you can also see the erosion of the traditional fishery fishery “Eiri fishing” that has been done since ancient times.

In the hot spring open-air bath of the room, a soft brownish hot water containing iron in the Onogami hot spring is stretched and waiting for our bathing.
The evening time is the best time to take a bath.

If you are immersed in a hot spring while looking at the beautiful sunset shining in Lake Biwa, the outdoor bath in the room is also good, but the lake surface which looks out from the outdoor bath of the large public bath opened wide before the eyes is also exceptional. Because of this beautiful healing moment, I ran long in the lakeshore! I can not help feeling the joy.

All of the halls of Kaito are tatami mats, you can walk barefoot without wearing slippers. Especially when going up from the public bath and going out to the corridor, feeling comfortable to walk with bare feet is realized to a great extent without wearing slippers sticky with clean washed feet.

Even if you can sweat yourself in a bath, the treatment of dirty cycle wear is a point that always becomes a problem on a bicycle trip. Moreover, if it is a bicycle trip of Biwaichi, I will reduce the number of luggage as much as possible and wish to wear the same wear every day, preferably comfortably.
Here, one more thing is impressed by the hospitality to the cyclist who is unique to Kayafu. After check-in, if you deposit dirty cycleware by staff at the hotel by 18:00 and ask for it, you can wash and dry it and return it the next morning. It is a pleasant and comfortable room with a lot of pleasure that you can wear your favorite wear in clean condition the next day without having to leave wear covered with sweat, it will be peculiar to the cyclist. Moreover, I do appreciate it because it is not necessary to spend my traveling time on washing.

It is a hot dinner and a sunset scenery, if the mind and body are healed, it is finally a dinner to enjoy.
Various accommodation plans are prepared according to the desired meal content in Kaito.
Ayu, Funa, Morocco, Isaaza and other lake fish dishes, the chef chef who trained in Kyoto, making use of the seasonal ingredients of this unique place, wields skill “Kyoto style meeting”. And ‘Omi beef cushion’ (bottom photo) etc which taste Omi beef of Japan’s three largest Wagyu beef with shabu-shabu, steak, sukiyaki, handfuls and various dishes. Again, let’s give the heart and the body plenty of nutrition to prepare for the ride tomorrow.