Fuji View Hotel

Mt. Fuji, the world’s most famous mountain peak, Japan. It is close to this beautiful mountain registered as a World Heritage Site, and Kawaguchiko lies to the immediate side of the garden continuation. A resort hotel with a classic atmosphere, standing in such a luxurious location, is also named for its name, Fuji View Hotel.

Fuji View Hotel founded on the banks of the mouth of Mt. Fuji as the first Western-style hotel in Yamanashi prefecture, is a well-established hotel that celebrated its 80th anniversary in 2016. It is one of the leading classic hotels in Japan, operated by Fujiya Hotel in Hakone, and is still the same group.
It is close to JR Kawaguchiko Station about 3.3 km, and it is about 9 km to Fuji North Footprint Park which becomes the start site of ‘Mt. Fuji Hill Climb’ which will be held every June. Because the property’s garden is connected to the road along the mouth of the estuary as it is, it is a convenient location to extend your feet to the West Lake, Shimodo Lake and Lake Motosu in a relaxing way to enjoy cycling around Kawaguchiko.

Go through the entrance through a long approach with lively lanterns that make you feel the history of the hotel. Suddenly turning around, the shape of the mountain in Japan is bigger than eyes, beyond the garden in which the flowers of the seasons are in full bloom.

In the vast green garden with 30,000 tsubo floor, there is also a space just for a little break and meeting.

I will go through under the unique logo sign that makes me feel nostalgic somewhere, and finally I will go to the hall. Bicycles can be brought into the lobby as they are.

Bicycles brought by guests will be kept safely in the office if they are left as they are in front desk without putting them in circle bags or the like.

After leaving the bicycle, the coffee time at the garden lounge is relaxed by the hands afterwards. It will be good to soak in the ride of the ride or to plan the next day.

An important car of your own thoughts. In order to get to sleep with peace of mind, thought that the bicycle want to go to sleep by placing it in the guest room just next to it is probably common to many cyclists. At Fuji View Hotel, if you wish individually, you can bring your bicycle to your room and store it. In a spacious twin room with modular twin, setting a bicycle in a room indoors will not get in the way. (Note: the picture is an image.The room stand is currently under preparation.)

If it is a room on the side of Mt. Fuji, you can be awakened by Mt. Fuji spreading through a large window.

A western-style room (junior suite) with 2 beds and 10 tatami mat Ryukyu tatami space is ideal for Mt. Fuji cycling in families and small groups. Bicycles can be brought into the room and stored in a spacious space.

Of course, this is also Mt. Fuji view. The view of Mt. Fuji from the Japanese space is exquisite.

In order to head to the upper floor room, we will take two elevators prepared in front of the lobby. This elevator is also large enough to hold two cars by putting the bicycle vertically.

When putting a bicycle in the room, I want to remove the dirt attached to the tire or car body.Especially on a rainy day or a rainy day, even road bikers running on paved roads are often dirty.
At the Fuji View Hotel, since the approach to the entrance is equipped with watering pipes with hoses, use this to keep the bicycle dirty.

The way to enjoy Mt. Fuji at Fuji View Hotel is not limited to rooms and gardens. On the top floor (6th floor) of the hotel, there is also a “Panorama Lounge” which is divided into the east and west for a superb view of 180 degrees.
It is a rare spot where you can also see Kawaguchiko from the window behind just after witnessing the powerful appearance of Mt. Fuji which expands a vast skirt.

If you look closer at Mt. Fuji, you can see the east side panorama lounge on the west side, if you look at Uzima, the only island of Fuji Goko floating in Kawaguchiko, in front of you.

Even in the case of a bicycle ride, even from the nearest JR Kawaguchiko station to the Fuji view hotel, it is close to 3.3 km at the shortest distance and the road is flat, so it is possible to access by self-propelled enough. However, if you arrive at night or in the rainy weather, you will be anxious about running around looking for a hotel with luggage.
At Fuji View Hotel, a free shuttle bus dedicated to the guests is scheduled on a regular basis between Kawaguchiko Station and the hotel. If it seems difficult to run by himself from the station to the hotel, it would be better to use this.
For more information on timetables etc. on the following page.

It is still hot springs to heal the tiredness accumulated at the ride which fully enjoy the view of Fuji and the majestic footpath.
At Fuji View Hotel, you can enjoy “Shurei no yu”, one of the five sources of Fuji Kawaguchiko Onsenkyo. In a spacious hot-spring public bath with outdoor bath, I want to relax and refresh.

If I sweat the whole thing with hot springs, I want to wash clothes that runs a day and is covered with sweat.
At Fuji View Hotel, a laundry service is prepared in a form that can be deposited in a special bag and left at the reception.

After healing the comfortable fatigue of the ride with the hot spring, at the restaurant “Bellevue” looking at the lighted-up garden, we had a French course or a Japanese cuisine kaiseki dinner. Let’s develop the spirit slowly while tasting a variety of dishes that make you feel a thorough hospitality backed by tradition with delicious sake such as local Yamanashi wine and sake.

Fost up your sharpness with hot springs and delicious meals, rest yourself in a comfortable room slowly, wake up with the view of Mt. Fuji the next morning and want to move active from morning.
Fuji View Hotel keeps guests’ luggage at the front desk for free so that you can enjoy plentiful Mt. Fuji rides after checkout. Also, at the time of returning, I am glad that you can sweat in hot springs.

Well today, I will run while enjoying the appearance of Mt. Fuji only on this day that can never be seen again.