Aizu Astraea Hotel

Activity Resort Aizu Kogen that is surrounded by the majestic mountains, at the foot of the famous mountain mountain lake of Minami Azu where the seven peaks connect. The Aizu Astoria Hotel is an elegant lodge-style resort hotel that emerges as it runs through white birch trees with an altitude of 1,000 meters.

The Aizu Astoria Hotel is a resort hotel that forms the core of the vast Takasee Ski Resort, one of the largest in Fukushima Prefecture, and the Aizu Kogen Resort, which consists of three hotels.
Among the extensive grounds, it features a wealth of activities, ranging from ground, tennis courts, mountain bike trail course to zip line adventure to slide down the wire rope hung in the forest.

Actually, the Aizu Kogen resort is also the main venue of the fun Ride event “Running Mippe Minamiizu!” Held every July.
It is a popular event where 700 participants relax along idyllic mountains and refreshing clear streams, along with Utsunomiya Britzen and active players from the Nasu Brazen pro-road race team.

Aizu Kogen resort, which is a pleasant road bike or mountain bike. Aizu Astoria Hotel in such a place, of course, greets a bicycle ride with “cyclist welcome” facilities and services.
First of all, the bicycle that we brought brings from the stairs beside the entrance directly to the dedicated bicycle storage room without going through the lobby. It is convenient for group use.
The bicycle storage room equipped with the cycle rack, of course, is lockable, but we would like to bring wire locks etc in case of multiple group use etc.

In the case of using a Western-style twin room with two people, if you wish to do so in advance, you can bring an important bicycle into the room and keep it in the reach of your eyes.
Even a simple twin room has enough room to relax, even if you put a bicycle inside the room and install it on a vertical-mounted cycle stand.

To go to the upper floor room, you will ride the elevator in front of the lobby, but this elevator is also large enough to hold two cars if you keep the bicycle vertical.

When putting a bicycle in the room, I want to remove the dirt attached to the tire or car body.Especially, on rainy days and on rainy days, road bikers running on paved roads are often quite dirty.
At the entrance of the Aizu Astoria Hotel, a water supply with a shower hose is provided, so you can use it to clean the bicycle.

Of course, it is equipped with a pneumatic pump corresponding to French valve and various tools. A slight maintenance on the bicycle is also possible on the covered terrace.

In the case of a bicycle ride, the distance from the nearest Aizu Kogen Ozeze station to the Aizu Astoria Hotel is relatively close to 18 km. However, it will be a route crossing over the pass which climbs the altitude difference of about 300 m and the approach to the hotel will continue climbing about 3 km. If you have time, it is also good to run to the hotel while cycling slowly and watching the peaceful surrounding scenery.
At Aizu Astoria Hotel, there is a free shuttle bus service for guests between Aizu Kogen highway Ozeze station and the hotel. If it seems to be difficult for him to travel from the station to the hotel, such as when the arrival is late, or when the weather is not good, it would be a good idea to use this.
Since the free shuttle bus is regularly operated and fully booked, if you wish to get on the bus, you need to make a phone booking at the Aizu Kogen Resort Reservation Center by noon the previous day.
For details, see the following page.

Well, it is still hot springs to relieve the tiredness of the day’s ride.
The Aizu Astoria Hotel features two hot-spring public baths in the hotel, allowing you to relax and refresh with a spacious bathtub.

In addition, there is an independent hot spring facility “Shirakaba no yu” right next to the hotel, so you can sweat in this hot spring after checkout.

Whether one of the troubles with the traveling of the wheel will bring footwear to be replaced from the binding shoes.
Aizu Astoria Hotel is a resort hotel, but sandals for guests are always in the side of the entrance.
You can go out with this sandal for a moment without having to change the footwear.

Let’s wash cycle wear running sweat a day running sweat in a hot spring.
It is nice that a fully automatic washing machine which guests can freely use is installed in the hotel of Aizu Astoria Hotel.
If you dry the room up to washing and dehydration here, you can wear dry clothes again the next morning.

For dinner, as much as you want, eating various kinds of dishes at your own pace, buffet style in Japanese and Western.
Temporarily, I tend to eat a lot more than usual, but although I consume a lot of energy at Minami-Rinzu Ride, I want to be careful not to eat too much. Also moderate car loading. (The picture is an example, it may be Japanese style meal depending on circumstances.)

Fost up your sharpness with hot springs and meals, rest yourself in a comfortable room slowly, and activate from morning the next day!
At Aizu Astoria Hotel, we keep guests’ luggage for free so that we can enjoy plenty of Minami-Rinzu rides after checkout. (At the front desk)

If you plan to play Minami Azu at Aizu Astoria Hotel, we definitely want to experience the trail running of full-scale mountain biking at “Takaeme MTB Resort” which was set up in the premises.

Recommendation is 3-hour plan with mountain bike rental and guide, downhill transport fee set as well. Enjoy the mountain bike only on the second morning and run the road bike again in the afternoon.
Take this opportunity to experience the way you enjoy the bicycle a little different from the road bike.