“Izu” “Hakuba mountain foot” “Shin-Etsu Nature Town” is added to the special area, and it is five areas nationwide!

“Cyclist Welcome” for a journey to enjoy a bicycle “Izu” “Hakuba mountain foot” “Shin-Etsu Natural Village” is added to the special feature area of ​​the inn accommodation Web site, Cyclist Welcome.jp, and the special area is divided into 5 areas became!

Izu is easy to access from the metropolitan area, can enjoy both the mountain route and coastline at the same time, and is also blessed with a spectacular view over the beautiful Mount Fuji. In addition to the temperate climate all year round, the Izu area, where plenty of delicious meals using hot springs and local ingredients, as well as a pleasant lodging are abundant, can be said to have great potential as a bicycle journey destination .
This time, we are planning to introduce the recommended route and the “cyclist WELCOME” centering on the Nakaizu area, where efforts are being made towards cycle tourism in particular, such as around the cycle sports center where it was decided to become part of the cycling event of the Tokyo Olympic Games I will introduce you to the inn. High-grade long-established inns and luxury hotels representing the area are also welcoming and supporting cyclists who enjoy bicycle journeys!

At the foot of Mount Hakuba, where you can design a variety of rich routes while watching the majestic mountains of the North Alps that snow even in summer. If there are abundant hill climb course, there is also a road full of journey called “salt road”.
We introduce wonderful inn of “cyclist welcome” such as an elegant Western-style building reflecting the international rich regionality.

Shin-Etsu Natural Hometown is characterized by famous sightseeing spots that attract mountains and hot springs, such as Myoko, Madarao, Nozawa Onsen, Kijimahei, Shiga Kogen, etc., within 20 km radius. It is not easy to climb and turn back, but rather to connect from the settlement where you climbed further, from mountain to mountain, from mountain to village to another mountain, it is wide and long to take a variety of routes for the cyclist It is a great appeal of the Shin-etsu Natural Town area.
From now on, at the beginning of the green season, “cyclist welcome” will continue to introduce more inn.

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