Cyclist Open!

“Cyclist Welcome” for a journey to enjoy a bicycle The inn introduction website, Cyclist (Cyclist Welcome .jp) has opened!

The first special feature area is now “Nasu area” in Tochigi prefecture, a highland resort where the bicycle hospitality mood rises, raising the region.
Access from the metropolitan area is also good, and “Nasu Highland Ride” to be held every July is now one of the most popular events in the whole country. In June this year, the first all-Japan championship road race in the Kanto region was held, and Japanese leading players and a lot of road race fans gathered in Nasu.
In Nasu, there is one Nasu-dake (Chosu dake) in Japan’s famous mountain, there are abundant forests surrounding the Nasu Imperial Villa, there are numerous ranches with vast pastures, historical hot springs with various spring quality In addition, leisure facilities and museums where adults and children can enjoy, high-quality restaurants and cafés, good shops and workshops etc. are scattered around in the woods. And of course, there are plenty of variety of accommodation facilities.

The cyclist who visits Nasu is surprised to find that there are so many shops and facilities equipped with bike racks for sports bikes and air pumps, called “cycle pits”. There are already more than 130 “cycle pits”, and all of them are prepared by each shop / facility on their own.
Even this alone can tell you the strength of Nasu’s “cyclist welcome” atmosphere, but this time, thirteen hotels, inns and pensions in the Nasu area are raised as accommodation facilities that meet the “cyclist Welcome” standard and introduced It was decided to do.

After this, at Cyclist, we will expand the special area all over the country!
For more information about Nasu area [ here ].