Resort in the southern part of Kansai, Ocean and hot springs Nanki Shirahama. The Nanki Shirahama Marriott Hotel is built on a hill that overlooks the beautiful contrast between its white sandy beach and Blue of the Pacific Ocean.

The dynamic view from the outdoor bath on the 11th floor of the top floor is Koichi Shirahama. After the spectacular cycling along the coast, you can enjoy a historic high-quality hot spring with the best location overlooking the white sand beaches of Shirahama Beach and the Pacific Ocean.

This Nanki Shirahama Marriott Hotel is a “cyclist welcome” inn for a cycling trip to the Wakayama / Kinan area where many scenic spots are scattered along the coast and to the World Heritage Kumano Kodo Road.
When you arrive at the hotel, push the bicycle and pass through a heavy dignified entrance and go straight to the lobby.

The bicycle of the guest can be kept as it is as a front representative without having to put it in a circle bag or the like for storage.

If you leave your bicycle, you can relax in the lounge relaxingly before entering the room, soak in the ride of the ride.

Of course, at the Nanki Shirahama Marriott Hotel, “Cyclist Welcome”, it is possible to bring the bicycle that you bring with you to your room as it is.

If you wish to bring in a bicycles room at the time of booking, it would be smooth to leave a bicycle brought in to a previously prepared indoor cycle stand.
Fantastic rooms with views overlooking the Pacific Ocean “Deluxe Room Twin” on the top floor will never get in the way even if you put two road bikes on the window.

“Premier Room with View Bath” allows you to take a bath in your room while looking over the blue shining Pacific Ocean.

The elevator heading to the room is large enough to be able to take in 3 or 4 cars if the bicycle is vertical. Besides, there are three elevators so it will not be kept waiting long. However, if there are other customers in the elevator, give way and want to be surprised by the bicycle when getting on and off.

When putting a bicycle inside the room, especially after running on a wet road surface, let’s drop the dirt on the tire and the car body.
On the way to the entrance of the Nanki Shirahama Marriott Hotel, you will find a shower / hose that is also used when dropping sand on the beach, so you can get rid of the bicycle here.

Of course, it is equipped with a pneumatic pump corresponding to French valve and various tools. If there is a concern for the next day ride, a little maintenance of the road bike is also possible.

In addition, it has a fitness room that guests can use for 24 hours. It will be useful for warming up and stretching.

It is still a hot spring to heal the tiredness accumulated by a rich ride over the coastal scenic spots and Kumano Kodo.
Originally, Shirahama Onsen is a venerable hot spring with an old history that also appears in the Nihon Shoki. At the Nanki Shirahama Marriott Hotel, the hot springs are pumped up to the eleventh floor, the top floor of the hotel, and a viewing hot spring that overlooks the Pacific Ocean is prepared.

Especially at sunset in the Pacific Ocean in front of the eyes, it is recommended that you immerse yourself in hot water while watching the scenery which is dying in red with the outdoor bath with a wonderful opening feeling.

In a more romantic way, if you want to enjoy a spectacular hot spring privately, you will be charged, but a prospective private bath is also available on the same floor.

If I sweat the whole thing with hot springs, I want to wash clothes that runs a day and is covered with sweat.
A coin-type fully automatic washing machine is installed on the 11th floor, which is the same as the public bath and the outdoor private bath. If you dry the room up to washing and dehydration here, you can wear dry clothes again the next morning. In the case that it is difficult to dry by drying the room, it is better to dry it with a dryer in the hotel.

After relaxing the comfortable fatigue of cycling at the hot springs, it is an elegant restaurant that overlooks the blue sea from the big window, a dinner time that makes sense.

Dinner cuisine varies depending on the plan and Japanese and Western, but if you enjoy the rich seafood of only the unique Nanki Shirahama and the seasonal dishes, you will be able to talk with friends who cycled together .

If you rest your body slowly with hot springs and delicious meals, comfortable sleep, I want to go cycling from the morning the next day.
At the Nanki Shirahama Marriott Hotel, guests are free to keep their luggage at the reception so that they can enjoy plenty of Shirahama & Kumano rides even after checkout. Also, at the time of returning, you can sweat again in the magnificent hot springs, so is not it nice to be happy?