As close to the Nasu Imperial Villa, go up the slope that entered from the Nasu Highway, a striking Japanese house appears to melt into the green.

When entering the Sansaku-kaku step one step, in modern warmth created by wooden buildings in the early Showa era, the modern sense of the cyclist itself can be felt every corner. It is not just a well-established inn.

With a time to relax from the bottom of our hearts, the thoughts and concerns that have been accumulated over the years.
It will be the most memorable experience and impression for the cyclist staying in the Shishikaku.
While pushing a comfortable sweat, I push the road bike of my own and pass through the gate of the Sankeikaku, the first impression awaits.
In the entrance hall, the staff crouches and carefully wipes away the dirt of the car tire.
This is Nippon’s hospitality. With this, I can bring my favorite motorcycle to my room with confidence.

Yes, in Shishikaku, I can bring my bicycle to my room where I can stay, and I can sleep in love with my eyes. (However, some rooms can not bring in.)
An important car of your own thoughts. When bringing it into the room, carry it yourself (carry a light motorbike at this time) carefully. Even if it is said that you may roll, I would like to lift it here as well.
As in Sansuikaku, there is a Japanese style inn that takes off your shoes at the entrance, and the inn that you welcome to bring a bicycle to the room is still less popular even in Japan.
Even one of these things makes me feel “hospitality” like “cyclist welcome”.

Sankikaku has been rebuilding into 13 spacious spaces while leaving the atmosphere of wooden buildings in the early Showa era.
If you have two rooms, even if you place several bicycles between the boards, you can relax in the spacious spaces more slowly.

Of course, there is a complete air pump for French valves.

After a ride that challenges the mountains of Nasu, or receives a refreshing wind of the plateau throughout the body and fully enjoyed the rich nature, I would like to enjoy another great attraction of Nasu’s journey, hot springs.
And here Sansakikaku is a hot spring accommodation in Yumoto hot spring district, the oldest in Nasu. The expectation will increase even if it is no.
It is why it is the Sansuikaku of Sansakuikaku that will respond to that expectation firmly and with fresh surprises.
Firstly, I recently opened a new charter bath. It is a natural stone-made bath “Five leaves” which is charged at a perfect reservation system (1 pair 50 minutes 3,240 yen).
In the style that other chartered baths are available if available, the crowded time tends to be earlier than usual while crowding is surely done at the time of booking in advance (at time of booking / check in) Characterized by being able to use for charter.
It is not necessary to wait in turn with sweaty body and it is possible to definitely extend the body to the spacious bathtub in a calm atmosphere without being concerned about the eyes of others without fail at a fixed time.

Besides, drinks suitable for hydration and towels are also available on chairs and tables on the leaves of the Five Leaf Dressing Room.

There is also a large public bath, of course for men and women.
The source of the hanging sashimon of the Shanshūkaku is an alkaline simple fountain, even per skin it is round, hot water is formed.
It means that it not only recovers from fatigue but also has good effect on beautiful skin.
What is pleasing for cyclists is that guests can use the bath of Sansuikaku after checking out and having enjoyed the ride on the last day. I will run steadily on the last day, I will sweat in hot springs and feel comfortable to come home.

When you go up from a hot spring, what about a cycleware covered with sweat?
Here, one more thing is impressed by the hospitality to the cyclist who is unique to Sansuikaku.
After check-in, if you deposit dirty cycleware by staff at the hotel by 18:00 and ask for it, you can wash and dry it and return it the next morning. If you wish to use it early in the morning the next morning, you can receive the clothes up until the laundry and dehydration in that day and dry it in the room. Both are free.
I want to reduce my luggage as much as possible It is a very appreciative service to avoid trouble caused by self-propelled and wheeled excursions as well as leaving the dirty sweaty wear for a long time.

As another service to relieve the tiredness of ride, “Shikisaku” also has “Aroma Lymph Treatment”.
You may have your whole body including your back and waist relaxed by massage, or you may care only your feet intensively. Of course, men can use it, as well as women.
While my husband is challenging the hill climb to the pass, the wife is elegantly relaxed with a whole body course and there seems to be a way of using it.

Dinner is a body-friendly creative kaiseki that uses plenty of ingredients and seasonal ingredients abundantly.
The fresh ingredients brought up by the Nasu earth are packed in the colors of the four seasons, the taste of sum that does not get tired of eating.
The compatibility with delicious sake made by local Tochigi brewery is also great.

After the meal, go to the bar lounge 206 of the separate residence times (Kai) through the courtyard of the grove.
Time to talk with enjoying the original cocktail made by the bartender, plentiful whiskey, in a relaxing atmosphere, with large windows and antique sofas comfortable.
If you ride together for the whole day, you are already old friends. The sense of solidarity further increases. The evening part of the endless story is also the real pleasure of a bicycle trip.