CWJ-LAKE BIWA04 Metasequoia Namiki Fast Run (Biwichi Road Road)

A beautiful tree-shaped metasequoia with a height of about 30 m lasts for about 2 km and makes you feel even the atmosphere of a foreign country.

Around Route of Kita Lake After Kaizu Osaki of Route Route, Route 161 towards Makino Highlands from Close to the Intersection, Route for Route of Metasequoia.
A scenic view of a tasteful village on the way, a metasequoia to show various faces every season, a road to become a picture of a row of trees, a cafe with a good atmosphere, etc. A little way off the road.

It is safe to run on a wider autoverwalk after joining National Route 161.

As you head towards Makino Highlands, the houses with splendid tile roofs unique to the snowy country line up.

Burning autumn leaves Metasequoia trees.

In the winter Metasequoia trees, its beautiful tree shape stands out.

As soon as you cross the trees, you can hunt fruits at Makino Pickland on your left, as well as a gelato shop and a restaurant.

Just ahead, there is also a small cozy cafe, koti cafe.