Shuzenji Onsen, one of Izu’s most popular hot spring resorts, also loved by Nogami Soseki and other writers.
A long-established resort hotel spreading on a vast scale of 500,000 tsubo, on a quiet mountain a little away from the hot spring town in the center is Laforet Shuzenji.

It is the biggest feature of Laforet Shuzenji seen from the viewpoint of the cyclist, it is also attractive, or maybe the approach route to the hotel from the nearest national highway (line 136, Shimoda Kaido) is fun.
It is approximately 4 km away from the intersection of the national highway to the guesthouse located at the far end of Laforet Shuzenji spreading elongate.
It is a Hill Climb route that climbs an altitude difference of about 250 m at an average slope of 6%. If you head for Laforet Shuzenji, you can not pass this slope. Conversely, since almost no cars are used for Laforet Shuzenji, traffic volume is small and it will be a great practice course.

In fact, at the Izu stage (former Shuzenji stage) of the “Tour of Japan” stage race competition which is held in Japan every year which is held in Japan, many professional teams stay here, I also visited as a training camp and I used this slope that I should call “Laforet Shuzenji Hill Climb” for practice.

It is like a sprawling mountain top goal of L’Alpue-Duesses, one of the largest resort destinations that climbs the mountain.
After climbing a tough slope, depending on the weather it is also waiting for a tremendous reward.
Yes, that is the view of Mt. Fuji, which is only too close to seeing here, it is too close, not too distant and towering beautifully at an exquisite distance.
It is this Laforet Shuzenji that it is possible to see the big figure of Mt. Fuji only from this inn, without being disturbed by other buildings and mountains in an inn near Shuzenji. It is worth climbing and climbing.

Although Laforet Shuzenji is lined with lots of accommodation buildings on a large site, the “cyclist welcome” accommodation building that we would like to recommend to the cyclist is a guest house, a center house, and a cottage located in the back of the west side (left on the way to the way) Three of them.
First of all, the most innermost part of the west side, that is, the guest house building is built in the highest place.
This is also connected to the golf course of the hotel, and the beautiful green turf color the windows scenery.
A twin bed room with calm chic interior is the center, which is good for a couple or a couple’s bicycle trip.
Twin rooms also have plenty of space, and you can keep the bicycle in the room as it is, using the rented cycle stand.

The charm of this guest house is still a view of Mt. Fuji. If the clouds do not get in the way, you can see the beautiful Mt. Fuji like a painting from the big bay window of the room. (Depending on the room and season, the view of Mt. Fuji may not be available, so please check in advance.)

There is also a spacious cafe lounge in the guest house. It would be nice to take a break before and after the ride.

Next, the center house building which we would like to recommend to the touring in a group of about 4 to 6 members in particular, a little before the guest house.

The rooms of the center house have two Japanese-style rooms on a large living room, so it is the best for family and unwilling friends to spend a pleasant evening blooming in bicycle talks. The view from the room facing the south has a different taste from the Mt. Fuji side, such as St. Laforet Church and Amagi Mountain Range.
Of course, you can bring a bicycle to the room with a cycle stand.

In addition, if you want to stay in the same room and deepen your friendship, such as a ride tour in groups of seven or more, cottages with several kinds according to the number of people are useful.
The activity of bicycle is not very suitable for enjoying conversation while running. That is why, in the night part I got off the bicycle, everyone would like to do it together and deepen the bond of ride fellows.
This two-storey cottage featuring high ceilings and large windows can accommodate up to 10 people.
Everybody’s bicycle will not get in the way if it gathers on the first floor part. Also, because the space is divided, it seems that you can use it conveniently, such as being able to get excited until midnight without disturbing people sleeping as soon as possible.

Aside from the entrance of the center house and the guest house, there is a water supply facility with a hose that guests can use. For example, in the event of heavy soiling due to rain, we want to wash away the dirt around the tire before entering the room.

Also, the front stand is used for bringing in the bicycle’s cabin, the blue seat under underneath when the dirt is bad, the inflating pump, and the bicycle tool set at the front.

After the ride of the day (and the last hill climb), I want to heal slowly in the hot spring.
Laforet Shuzenji hot spring is a colorless transparent alkaline simple fountain with Shuzenji hot spring drawn in.
There are two hot springs on the premises, but if you stay in the above mentioned rooms, it is recommended that “Forest no yu” of the Center House Annex, which also has a comfortable outdoor bath.

Let’s wash cycle wear running sweat a day running sweat in a hot spring.
Within the guesthouse and in the woods of the centerhouse annex building, a coin operated fully automatic washing machine is installed. If you dry the room up to washing and dehydration here, you can wear dry clothes again the next morning.

Dinner cuisine varies depending on the plan, but if you enjoy delicious dishes made from the seasonal ingredients unique to Izu, it will be a fun talk with your colleagues.