CWJ-NIKKO/KINUGAWA02 Suginami Tree and the town of the mountain and warehouse of the experience

Nikko Monet The cedar trees of the Usage Road are standing on the stone walls and are high in height, and it is an atmosphere that invites the passersby and invites them to another world blocked from the outside world.

From Kinugawa Onsen as a departure place, go through the Suginami tree of the Nikko Monetary Route and visit the ancient power spots of Kogemine Shrine, Old Minegahara, Fukayama Tomoe lodging place, etc. After observing the city of Kura, to the Tochigi station .
From Kinugawa Onsen, get off the national highway (new road) as much as possible, go down while peeking at Nikko Edo village, and enter the Nikko Namiki Used Highway near Imaichi station. Nikko monetary The cedar trees of the Usage Road are characterized by easy running even on road bikes because it is a pavement roadway in a different atmosphere from the Cedar Wood of the Nikko Road.
When the cedar trees are cut off, I leave the national highway (Usage road) and gradually go to the mountain road. I will run along the clear stream of Kurokawa from the middle. After passing the Torii gate of Kurokawa Shrine, follow the signs towards Kominomihara.
A full-scale hill climb starts from around the Otorii shrine at Kogemine Shrine. Also, numbers are assigned to these main curves from the first torii to the top, and the curve on the top of the hill climb is “No. 40”. Furuminomin Shrine is located ahead of the 13th curve on the way.
On the way down from the top of the mountain, let’s visit the power spot “Fukayama Tomo no yado” staying in the forest. Put the bicycle in a suitable place to become a dirt road.
Follow the signs that appear when you climb a little more, before break at the Nikko Highland Lodge. Although it is not included in the route, it is also good to look at Nikko Renmei from the nose observation platform of the elephant which climbed about 1.4 km further.
About 50 km from here to the goal is nearly descending. The steep descent of the hairpin curve continues past Kasuo Pass.
When entering the city of Tochigi, I went to the Tochigi station, watching the building with lined waters along the Tomoeagawa River.
At Tochigi Station, JR Ryogoku Line and Tobu Nikko Line (limited express also stopped) are on board and it is convenient for returning to Tokyo direction.

While listening to Kurokawa’s babbling, I will run cleanly along the clear stream.

Kogemine Shrine One Otorii is made of a steel sheet with a height of about 25 m. Full-fledged hill climb begins.

Furumine shrine with old history is also a sight of autumn leaves, and the precincts and gardens are beautifully colored at the time of autumn leaves.

Hill climb of the ninety-eighth fold that continues to the Kogane Mogahara Plateau. Each curve is numbered.

The residence of Mt. Tomoe is the founder of Nikko Opening Mountain, the place of training by Katsuto Dojin. It is a place full of silence full of mountains and makes you feel the existence of power beyond human heart.

When entering the city of Tochigi, we went to a building built around the Tomoeagawa River. The goal is coming soon.