CWJ-LAKE BIWA01 Beihai Lake One round Biwichi route (Laforet Lake Biwa Departure arrival)

Kaizu Osaki of Oku Biwa is a reef zone that protruded into a peninsula to the lake. In spring we can run about 600 cherry tree cherry tunnels planted for about 4 km.

Route to go around the shore of the lake in the north part (North Lake) from Lake Biwa Ohashi bridge in Lake Biwa, counterclockwise in Japan.
In general, avoiding the south lake side which is somewhat difficult to run is often carried out by running around this northern lake to achieve “biwichi”.
At Laforet Biwako which will be the departure and departure place, you can use the parking lot free of charge during bitech challenge if you stay in the schedule before and after.
In addition, the Laforet Biwako premises is also equipped with Giant Store Biwako Moriyama, it is also possible to repair troubles as well as purchase accessories. Rental bike rental is also substantial.
With the vicinity of Lake Biwako Bridge as the starting point, at the time it came to the west bank of the Biwako Bridge by going around the North Lake, depending on time, physical strength and energy, we decided to further advance to full baiichi, or it crossed the Lake Biwa Ohashi Bridge soon It is easy to decide whether to end it.
As soon as you reach the Lake Biwako Bridge, if you have not had 2 hours to sunset, you should be satisfied with one round of North Lake.
By the way, if you start from the Maebara station which is the stop of the Tokaido Shinkansen on this one route around Kita-ko, leave the west entrance of Yonehara station and go straight from the prefectural highway No. 329 to the prefectural road No. 234 and go straight, the lake shore road (prefectural road 2 Issue), so if you turn right at this, you can enter this route from there.

※ This route is based on the route of “Gurutto Biwa Lake Cycle Line” recommended by Shiga Prefecture.

On the eastern shore of Lake Biwa, a sidewalk is being developed along the lake, and in Biwaich it is a standard to run this walkway counterclockwise. Lake shores are rich in green, especially in Hubei, many reed fields are left.

National Highway No. 8 near Kinomoto in Hubei “Mtogadake Tunnel” is dangerous because of the large traffic volume of the car and the narrow sidewalks. Let’s climb a little on the former road crossing the “big tone” intersection and pass through the old road tunnel “Mtogadake Tunnel” which leaves a tasteful figure.

In the vicinity of the northernmost tip of Biwichi, I will go up a narrow steep slope between the private houses. Let’s pay close attention to the residents while enjoying a tasteful atmosphere.

In Oga-mezu, I will run through the old cityscape that leaves the flourishing flourishes as a lodging town on the Hokkoku Road. From Imazu Port there are also sightseeing boats going to Takeboshima floating offshore.

Shirahige Shrine, famous for its red-colored torii lying in the lake, is 123 km away. Looking at the real thing nearby, it is struck by its location and the power beyond expectation. However, because you face the highway 161 with heavy traffic, there is no sidewalk on the lake side (on the left side of the direction of travel), so caution is required for traffic.

To the Lake Biwa Ohashi Bridge, take the approach of the Lake Biwa Ohashi Bridge US Plaza (Road Station), then from there to the north side bridge of the bridge. There is an observation space in the middle of the bridge and you can see the horizon of Lake Biwa spreading widely to the north side. It is also possible to hear the melody of the song of the Lake Biwa circle played by a car running in the overtaking lane.