CWJ-AOMORI05 Hirosaki castle town & apple ride

A corner on the north side of Hirosaki castle was the residential area of the samurai of the Tsugaru clan who guarded Hirosaki castle gate. Even now, old-fashioned gates, board fences, hedges and the like form a traditional townscape, and some samurai residences are preserved.

A route to fully enjoy Hirosaki over the castle town and apple plantation.
Start Hirosaki station, go around Hirosaki Castle Park and south of the Iwagi River riverbed. Go through Iwakiyama Shrine and head towards Nishimeiya, the entrance to the Shirakami mountain range.
On the way, if you go back to the city area with Apple Road without going to Iwakiyama shrine, it will be a nearly flat short porting route.
In Nishimeya’s direct sales place, soft cream wrapped with Shirakami mountain raw honey is popular.
Take the Iwakigawa River along the river towards the city area and visit historic buildings such as Zenobashi Town and Five Standing Pagoda. In Hirosaki city area, we also enjoy old-fashioned castle towns such as Paper Mill Town and Blacksmith Town.
Goal is to “Shikisuto Ryokan”, a well-established inn “Ryokichi Welcome” in Hirosaki center.

There are five gates in Hirosaki Park with Hirosaki Castle. Spring is a place of cherry blossoms, autumn can enjoy burning autumn leaves. The castle tower at Hirosaki Castle was moved inside 70 meters by “Hikiya” in 2015 for the repair of Ishigaki just under.

The Western-style western style building of Fujita Memorial Garden, right next to Hirosaki Castle, is characterized by its design. It will also appear in the manga “Furagu Uiichichi” set in Hirosaki.

Hirosaki is the best apple producing place in Japan. Iwakiyama rises to the gracefully spreading footsteps behind the scenery of fruitful apple fields.

A brick building is still being used as a place to demonstrate sake brewery and traditional crafts.

The top five-storied pagoda is a balanced and elegant tower that was built in the Edo period. It is an important cultural asset of the country.

There are many cake shops in Hirosaki City, and Apple pie is offered at more than 50 shops. “City Hirosaki apple pie guide map” issued by the must – have.