CWJ-WAKAYAMA01 Wakanoura & Kinokawa Cycle Hang Out

This a white landscape with rows of houses on the slopes of the coastline, which will remind you of scenic spots in the southern part of Italy; that’s why its called the "Japanese Amalfi". The route is also extended to this beautiful fishing port of Saigasaki.

Wakanoura is registered as a Japan Heritage site due to its picturesque views. This is a comfortable cycle route, that allows you to follow the Kinokawa river upstream and potter along the riverbank.

The altitude difference across the route is only 40m and it is a fun route for beginners who are not confident about their physical fitness.

The starting point is Kimiidera JR Station on the JR Kinokuni Line. Once you cross the bridge over the Wakagawa River, you will soon be in Wakanoura.

Wakanoura is said to be a treasure trove of great views, which are woven into various scenes depending on the tides and seasons. It is a scenic spot that has been sang about in numerous “waka” (traditional Japanese poetry) poems since ancient times.

After you enjoy the wonderful view of Wakanoura, you will reach the only small pass on this route and then stop by the beautiful port town of Saigasaki, also known as the “Japanese Amalfi”.

Crossing over the Kinokawa River to the right-hand side of the riverbank at the mouth of it, let’s start to ride on the beautiful riverbank cycling road.

Wherever the blue line is drawn, it means that the well maintained road is only allowed to bicycles and pedestrians. You can enjoy chatting while riding at your leisure or even when training with some company.

The cycling road continues to the city of Hashimoto along the Kinokawa River. On this route we finish cycling at Kokawa JR Station on the JR Wakayama Line, just across from the “Ryumon” (Dragon Gate) Bridge.

Distance: 43 km, Elevation Gain: 262m

The starting point is Kimiidera Station on the JR Kinokuni Line. Once you cross the bridge over the Wakagawa River, you will soon be in Wakanoura.

A wonderful view of Wakanoura that is accented by Kankaikaku on the dry beach, will give it a romantic mood.

Wakaura Tenmangu is a shrine that belongs to Wakanoura district. When facing the two-storied gate of the shrine, you may feel that you want to climb the steep stone steps like a hill climber, which look like an obstacle in front of the gate of the shrine.
(Please take care, as the steps are slippery for cleats of cycling shoes).

Once you climb up the stone steps of the Wakaura Tenmangu Shrine, the panorama view of Wakanoura from top of the steps (at the gate) is certainly worth it.

If you have lunch around Wakanoura, why don’t you go to the Italian restaurant called “Karabina”, which has delicious “Shirasu-don” (rice topped with small sardines) and a nice atmosphere.

The cycling road on the lower reaches of the Kinokawa River is a nice, wide road that moderately winds along.
You can enjoy a leisurely bike ride whilst chatting with your friends along this enjoyable cycling road.

The cycling road will continue along the Kishi River heading to Kishi Station.

Stop by Kishi Station, which is on the Kishigawa Line of Wakayama Electric Railway, where you will see Tama the Cat (yes, an actual cat) who plays the role of the station-master.

Go back along the Kinokawa River and you will see a beautiful piece of scenery that is above the cycling road when you’re traveling along it.

When you see the green iron bridge “Ryumonbashi” (Dragon Gate Bridge), the end goal will be in front of you.

Just before the goal, there is a renovated café called “Sou hajime-cafe”, which has a cycle rack.
It opens from 11:00 – 15:00 on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

The goal is Kokawa Station on the JR Wakayama Line. Although it is a small staion, express trains stop here (2 trains per day).