CWJ-Mt.FUJI03 Road around the town of Ocean and the Old Tokaido Station (Hatagoin to Shizuoka Station)

"Meiji Tunnel" of Old Tokaido, Utsunoya Pass is an intense tunnel of red brick construction. In this tunnel, which is also a registered tangible cultural asset, there is a car stop in front so you can not enter the car, but if you are a bicycle you can pass through here to the village of Utsunoya.

Shizuoka prefecture Shimada City Hatagoin Shizuoka Yoshida Inter, running through the port city in the Pacific Ocean and Yaizu, while enjoying the former Tokaido lodging town and the Meiji era tunnel etc, the Tokaido Shinkansen’s stop station JR Shizuoka station Route to goal to.
Hatagoin Shizuoka Yoshida Inter is also close to the empty gateway to the Fuji area and about 9 km from Fuji Shizuoka Airport so you can use it as a ride route combined with accommodation before and after using the airplane.

On the Pacific coast bicycle road, I run under the endless pine forest while wishing for the Pacific Ocean. If the weather is good, the front of Mt. Fuji is also in front!

If you take early lunch, go to a famous local shop called “Iso Cooking Shack” that tastes the fresh fish of Suruga Bay, also called pirate dish. It is along the river which included one route along the coast.

Go along the harbor of Yaizu through the side of the fishing port where small fishing boats line up.

After passing the Okabe inn in Old Tokaido and passing through the Meiji Tunnel at Utsunoya Pass, the village of Utsunoya that leaves the atmosphere of the old road appears.

“Buckwheat noodles” in the village of Utsunoriya is a good shop with a reputation of good noodle with thin but throving good noodle while it is ten percent buckwheat. It is recommended for lunch.

Shinkaoka station of the goal is just around the moor a half moat of the moat of the castle “Sunpu castle” ruins (Sunpu castle park) at the time of Tokugawa Ieyasu’s great place.