CWJ-AOMORI01 Hakkoda Kazumaru Through the Forest of Buna

In the vicinity of Hakkoda - Towadako lake the vast beech forest stands spread. The tunnel in the tall beech forest is mysterious and even exotic emotions somewhere.

Route which goes around the Hakkoda mountain peak starting from Yoshida Onsen.
Connecting cliffs of about 122 m in height, the Jogakura Ohashi, the largest in Japan as an archway bridge, is a magnificent spot where you can see the mountains of Iwaki and Aomori. The autumn leaves season is especially recommended.
“Bronze statue tea house” with memorial monument of the Snow Mission Army that was the theme of the movie “Hakkoda-san”, hot spring of ramune, hot-spring of Hakkoda with Ryujin no yu, Tanishihira who can see the ranch and mountains of Hakkoda bey behind the plain where azalea is full of There are plenty of places such as Takahara, secret spirit hot springs, etc. It is a course that you can enjoy regardless of where you base.
Turn left towards Lake Towada before Tani Onsen and go down toward Uti Hot Spring, the tunnel in the mysterious beech forest continues. The climb on the return trip is a bit tight, but a recommended route to experience Aomori’s wilderness, even the exotic emotions.
It is convenient and comfortable to stay based on “Hakkoda Hotel” built along the route, just next to Yoshogayu Onsen.

The Jogakura Ohashi, the largest in Japan as the archway bridge, is a magnificent spot where you can see the mountains of Iwaki and Aomori. The autumn leaves looking down from the bridge over the cliff wall about 122 m in height are masterpieces.

The Hakkoda mountain range shows different expressions depending on where you see it. Actually, this route is the core part of “Hakkoda Grandfond” course which is held every September.

Iiminuma surrounded by deep forests of beech, behind the ivy hot springs, is a famous shooting spot used also for calendar and so on. This autumn leaves is also a special one.

As the peak of Hakkoda Kazuaki Route, the highest national highway in Aomori Prefecture, Kasamatsu Pass is altitude 1,040 m. After passing here it is almost descending and the goal is coming soon.

It is also possible to ride a snow corridor by bicycle in the early spring just after the winter season stop section from Yachiya hot spring to acid pick hot spring is released. (Please be careful as there are many traffic on the road)

After the ride, how about the acid tokayu hot spring famous for the total hiba-making, 160-tatami mixed bathing area “1000 people bath”? Milky acidic sulfur fountain will heal from fatigue.