CWJ-HAKUBA02 OTARI Hill Climb Tsugaike Nature Park Course

From the middle of the course runs through Chubu Mountain National Park. On the way there are scenic points where you can see the scenery at the foot.

Kotani (otaku) village in Kitaazumi-gun, Nagano Prefecture, which is located in the north of Hakuba village and features gorgeous geographical features sandwiched between two large mountainous areas.
One course of “Odani village hill climb project” which sets seven hill climb courses throughout Odani village, this course opened in the fall of 2015.
This course is a tough course with a mileage of 17.3 km, an elevation of 1205 m and an average gradient of 7.0% on the same course as the traditional Hill Climb race “Tameike cycle classic” held in June every year.
While enjoying driving enough course, you can enjoy a serious challenge in a race mood, while driving while enjoying the scenery is also recommended.
Since the altitude of the goal point exceeds 1800 m, June can run during the remaining snow.
Every season’s appearance such as fresh green in the early summer, cold air feeling even in the summer summer, autumn burning autumn leaves, I will not get tired of riders even if I run many times.

In fact, about 12 kilometers from the gate of 5.2 km from the start is banned for general vehicles, but with the permission of the Ministry of the Environment for setting this course, only bicycles can pass through all year Things. In other words, you can fully enjoy a quiet slope without car traffic.
In addition, a guide board describing information such as the remaining distance, acquired altitude, section average gradient, and the like is installed along with the number of kilometers every 1 km from the start, so that for the first time people are also arranged to be able to enjoy the course with confidence It is. Of course, there is also an arrow indicating the course at the branch point.

※ From the end of November to the middle of May, you can not run because of snow.

If you clear up the climb of the average slope of about 8% which lasts from the start to the 2 km post, a large panorama at the foot of the Hakuba mountain in the North Alps will appear.

From the Tsugaike Plateau to the goal is a winding road surrounded by birch or bamboo forest.

I’d love to visit during autumn leaves. Riding while watching the colorfully colored mountain is worth a run. Recommendation is from early to late October.

Tsugaike nature park at the goal point is located in Chubu Mountains National Park, one of Japan’s top high-rise wetlands wishing for magnificent Hakuba Miyama. Promenade is maintained in the park, you can enjoy walking with Mizubasho in spring, flowers in alpine plants in summer, autumn leaves in fall, watching the views of the seasons. ※ Bicycling is prohibited. It is a 5-minute walk from the goal point.

“Saru none software” that you can eat at Tsugaike Sanso in Tsugaike Nature Park located ahead of the goal. “Saru none” is the original species of kiwifruit growing naturally in Kotani. A soft cream that has kneaded Saruwanai fruit is sweet, sour and refreshing, and moisturizes the hot body.

Tsugaike Hot Springs Moto – Toga no Mori. It is slightly yellowish cold water of weakly alkaline simple hot spring, and warms very well. It has efficacy such as neuralgia, muscle pain, joint pain, etc. It will heal the tired body after ride.