Tsugaike Hill Top Terrace Miyagawa

A public space that can be used freely is decorated with numerous furnishings, just like an art gallery.

While staying in the center of Tsugaike ski resort, it is a cozy atmosphere at home. Antique interior and old folk implements are decorated in the hall, just like a little art gallery. We are proud of the beautiful fireplace arranged in the center of the lobby, the spacious restaurant, and the spectacular views of the mountains of the Northern Alps, which you can expect from your room or outdoor bath.

For your bicycle, safely store the lockable rental shop space next to the entrance on the 1st floor as a private storage room.

This lobby that you can relax relaxingly around the ride and relax. The beautiful fireplace arranged in the center is impressive.

The Japanese-style room with big windows looking out for magnificent mountains of the Northern Alps, with bath and toilet.

While watching the North Alps, an open-air bath that enjoys a mellow, weakly alkaline Himekawa Onsen.

Enjoy dinner slowly in a spacious restaurant that can also be used for parties.

Boasting dishes boasting the ingredients of fresh grounds, such as steak of “Shinshu beef” of soft and deep flavor that grew up with apple.

Address 12840-1, Chikuniotsu, Otari-mura Kitaazumi-gun, Nagano
Tel 0261-83-2507
URL http://www.okanouehotel.com/
Access By car: Tokyo ~ Chuo way – 【Okaya JCT】 ~ Nagano way ~ [Toyoshire IC] ~ R147, R148 ~ 【Hotel】
By car: Nagoya · Osaka ~ Meishin way ~ 【Komaki JCT】 ~ Chuo way – 【Okaya JCT】 ~ Nagano way ~ [Toyoshire IC] ~ R 147, R 148 ~ 【Hotel】
Parking Free
Courtesy bus No
Rooms Western-style room 2 rooms Japanese style room 11 rooms Japanese style room 11 rooms
Price Two nights a night JPY8,640
C/I Time 15:00〜
C/O Time 10:00
Credit card Not available
Internet Free Wifi
Bath Hot spring open-air bath
Bike storage The rental shop space (winter season) next to the entrance on the first floor is placed in a private storage room
Bike washing place Work is in the cabin. Washing uses water from the entrance
Laundry Please keep it at the hotel, return it to washing / dehydration, then dry the room
Breakfast availability start time AM5:30〜(Except Obon and busy season)
Sales points The hotel is located close to the course of the historic Hill Climb race “Twitch Cycle Classic” held every June. After cycling where you feel the magnificent Northern Alps nature and exhilarating air throughout the body, please heal your tiredness with an outdoor bath. Biking talks will not run out for dishes and sake to enjoy in a spacious restaurant space.

Access Map

Facility features

Guest room bring in as it is, private storage room, locked etc in lobby etc
Bicycle cleaning / work space
Laundry machine / dehydrator loan or laundry service
Lending of pneumatic pump and simple maintenance tool
Receipt / shipment of parcel delivery service (including bicycle)
Establishment of guidebooks such as route map for cycling
Provide breakfast for cyclists (early morning response)
Sales of puncture repair kits and tubes
Baggage storage temporarily
Temporary use of shower / bath
Lending of sandals / geta etc.
Massage / fitness facilities
Free shuttle service where you can load a bicycle
Road bike / mountain bike rental service
Sales of bicycle-related accessories (wear, caps, gloves, socks, squoches etc)
Introduction of Cycling Guide