Traditional inn accommodation celebrating 110 years of inception.

Traditional inn accommodation celebrating 110 years of inception. Rice and vegetables made with homemade miso and family mums are reputable as safe and tasty. A home-like accommodation that reminds me of the countryside.


All the rooms are tatami-mat style.

The biscuit dish of the cooked dish is a warm pot with a warm hot pot that added Misoko’s specialty product “Kanzuri” (spices exported chilies on snow and aged for 3 years) to taste miso.

This is Sasami (Sasami) sushi of bespoke dish. It is a special product of Myoko.

Your bicycle is kept in the adjacent lockable garage.

If you stay in a room with two large room space (2 rooms), you can also store the bicycle here.

A warm night in a rural lodging house.

Address 2468, Suginosawa, Myoko-shi, Niigata
Tel 0255-86-6108
Access By car: 8 minutes from Joshinetsu Expressway · Myoko Kogenhaw IC
Parking Free
Courtesy bus Reservation required
Rooms 12 Japanese Style Rooms
Price With 2 meals per night JPY7,560
C/I Time 15:00〜
C/O Time 10:00
Credit card Available
Internet Free Wifi Wired LAN (free)
Bike storage Keep in the adjacent garage. Only some rooms (2 rooms) can be brought in as they are
Bike washing place Washable in the space of the lodge
Laundry There are 3 fully automated washing machines and can be used freely
Breakfast availability start time It is possible from 6:00 in the early morning, it can also be used for onigiri lunches
Sales points There are scenic points such as Hill Climb up to Sasagamine Peak (altitude difference 600 m), Ninomiro Falls of 100 waterfalls in Japan, Imori Pond. We also actively accept sports camps.

Access Map

Facility features

Guest room bring in as it is, private storage room, locked etc in lobby etc
Bicycle cleaning / work space
Laundry machine / dehydrator loan or laundry service
Lending of pneumatic pump and simple maintenance tool
Receipt / shipment of parcel delivery service (including bicycle)
Establishment of guidebooks such as route map for cycling
Provide breakfast for cyclists (early morning response)
Sales of puncture repair kits and tubes
Baggage storage temporarily
Temporary use of shower / bath
Lending of sandals / geta etc.
Massage / fitness facilities
Free shuttle service where you can load a bicycle
Road bike / mountain bike rental service
Sales of bicycle-related accessories (wear, caps, gloves, socks, squoches etc)
Introduction of Cycling Guide