Nasu Highlands cycling tour of beautiful autumn leaves with Hill Climb Course!(2016/10/15-16)

This event has ended.

Last year, it is a cycling tour that enjoys the scenery of the autumnal leaves and the spectacular scenery of the Nasu Highlands which ranked No. 1 (Walkerplus) in the national autumn leaves popularity ranking. We will also visit the famous ranch of the Nasu Animal Kingdom and exquisite sweets, the empty satoyama area.
Also, in addition to conducting a hill climb workshop by the professional coach on the first day, a complete travel mechanic is accompanied. It is a safe tour that supports everyone thoroughly with a support car. We also rent a road bike / cross bike with electric assist for free to the applicant. Those who are uneasy about Hill Climb part, please use it!

Tour features

    • Fluent autumn leaves in Kanto region, full of support with full support while watching the colorful autumnal leaves dynamically spreading in Nasu Highlands
    • Coaching Hill Climb Course & Practice Coaching by Coach of Professional Team “Nasu Brazen” (Day 1)
    • Since the mechanic will accompany the whole process, sudden troubles are also safe
    • Tour briefing session and circle course will be held near Shibuya station in Tokyo from 7 o’clock on September 6 (free participation)
    • Free rental & test ride with motor-assisted road bike / cross bike (11 first-come-first-served basis, as there are limited number of vehicles for each car type, it may not meet your wishes)